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Visages Studio

Experience the Fusion of Technology and Feminine Beauty in Art






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Release Date

Friday, July 7, 2023 at 10:00:00 AM UTC


Visages Studio

The CyberChroma Collection is a one-of-a-kind set of 30 NFTs depicting ultra-realistic portraits of cybernetic women generated by artificial intelligence. This collection of stunning digital art pieces offers a glimpse into the future of the human-machine interface.

Each NFT in the CyberChroma has been created with painstaking attention to detail and crafted to tell a unique story. The cybernetic women come to life in a variety of poses and environments that provide a window into the potential future of human-machine interaction. From robotic arms and cybernetic implants to the spaceships of the future, this collection offers a unique and captivating vision of the future.

The artists behind the CyberChroma Collection have created each piece with a distinct artistic intent. The collection provides a glimpse into a future where machines and humans exist in harmony, exploring the possibilities of a world where technology is no longer seen as a threat, but an opportunity.

The CyberChroma Collection is a bold statement about the future of technology and its potential impact on our lives. Each of the 30 pieces in the collection is a unique and powerful statement about the role of technology in our lives. The collection combines art, technology, and the human-machine interface to create an unforgettable experience.

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Collection Traits

Introducing the CyberChroma Collection – a set of 30 unique NFTs depicting ultra-realistic portraits of cybernetic women generated by AI. This collection is characterized by three distinct traits – the ratio between human and cyborg, the number of people on the scene, and the monochrome of touch of colors.

Hybrid Ratio

This trait refers to the ratio between the human and cyborg elements of each painting. Some pieces will feature more human features, while others will have a higher cyborg-to-human ratio. This trait allows viewers to get a better grasp of the cybernetic female’s unique combination of humanity and technology.

Group Dynamics

This trait refers to the number of people included in the painting. Some pieces will only feature a single cybernetic female, while others may depict a group of cybernetic women. This trait allows viewers to appreciate the individual beauty of each cybernetic female, while also acknowledging the collective power of the entire group.

Color Spectrum

Each painting maintains a monochromatic touch to its overall color palette, creating a cohesive look and feel. This subtle touch of color helps to bring the paintings to life and makes the cybernetic women appear more lifelike.

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