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Fauvist Waves

Visages Studio

Exquisite Women Portraits Crafted by AI






0.01 ETH

Release Date

Tuesday, August 15, 2023 at 10:00:00 AM UTC

Fauvist Waves

Visages Studio

The Fauvist Waves is a captivating collection of portraits featuring beautiful women created using a combination of fauvism and dynamic waves. The vivid and bold colors of fauvism are merged with the softly undulating waves of dynamic art, creating a unique and mesmerizing effect.

The use of fauvism and dynamic waves in the collection is an intentional artistic choice that adds to the vibrant and dynamic nature of the paintings. The bold, expressive colors of fauvism are offset by the gentle curves and swells of the dynamic waves, creating a unique visual effect that draws viewers in and captures their imagination. The combination of the two styles creates a captivating and eye-catching aesthetic that will be sure to draw attention and admiration.

The Fauvist Waves collection is a celebration of beauty in all its forms and an exploration of the human form through the use of artificial intelligence. By blending the vivid colors of fauvism with the gentle curves of dynamic waves, the collection captures the essence of womanhood and celebrates its beauty. It is a stunning work of art that is sure to draw attention and admiration.

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Collection Traits

Fauvist Wave's set of traits allows viewers to appreciate the artwork in different ways, while also enabling them to explore the artist's creative process. With this in mind, we can name this set of traits as the "Realism-Color-Dynamism" (RCD) set.


This trait refers to how lifelike the painting appears. A low level of realism would result in an impressionistic style while a higher level of realism would look more like a photograph.


The Color trait allows viewers to appreciate the vibrancy and depth of the painting, from few to many colors


The third trait is the level of dynamism, which refers to the amount of movement and energy in the painting.

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