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Visages Studio

The Absurdity of Shopping: Paintings Exposing Over-Consumption Culture






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Release Date

Monday, July 31, 2023 at 10:00:00 AM UTC


Visages Studio

Introducing the NFTs Collection: Absurdshopia - The Absurdity of Consumption. A captivating collection of NFTs that explore the increasingly absurd nature of modern consumerism.

This collection of 100 AI digital artworks captures the hectic energy of a shopping mall, depicting shoppers in a variety of different scenarios and activities. The artworks explore the surreal atmosphere of the mall, from the bright lights and catchy music to the frenetic atmosphere of shoppers searching for the latest trends and products.

The artworks are realistic depictions of the modern consumer experience, but with a surreal twist. The shoppers are depicted in absurd positions and activities, highlighting the absurdity of consumer culture. The artworks are humorous and thought-provoking, inviting the viewer to take a closer look at the consumer landscape and the effects it has on our lives.

This collection of digital artworks is the perfect way to explore the complexities of consumer culture while still providing a captivating and entertaining experience. The artworks are visually arresting and thought-provoking, inviting the viewer to consider the deeper implications of consumerism in the modern world.

Each artwork in the Absurdshopia collection is a one of a kind edition NFT, lending itself to being a unique and valuable asset for collectors. These artworks are perfect for those looking for something unique and meaningful to add to their digital art collection.

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Collection Traits

The modern world of consumption has given rise to a collection of NFTs that depict shoppers in a mall. These NFTs capture the unique and interesting traits that are associated with the modern consumer. Here are six conceptual traits that define this collection of NFTs, along with four values associated with each trait:


The NFTs in this collection encourage introspection and analysis. They offer an opportunity for viewers to reflect on the modern world of consumption in a critical and meaningful way.


The NFTs in this collection tell an engaging narrative about the modern shopping experience. They captivate the viewer with their creative and expressive visuals. The pieces also offer an intriguing look at the many facets of consumption.


The NFTs in this collection offer a unique perspective on the modern shopping experience. They are authentic and capture the reality of consuming in a mall. The pieces also explore the multifaceted nature of consumption, as shoppers engage in a variety of activities and interactions.

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